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M.D.I.Tokyo Japanese Language School
Open Mon.-Fri. nine am to five pm.

Introduction of our school

M.D.I.Tokyo Japanese Language School
4-2-4 Arakawa, Arakawa-ku, Tokyo, MK Building
Characteristics of our school
Located in Arakawa Ward, Arakawa-ku, Tokyo. It was opened in October, 2019 in order to teach Japanese language to Asian foreingn students.

We, M.D.I at Tokyo Japanese Language School, have many experienced instructors.We provide full supports for students’life adaptation and even their employment in Japan.

What M.I.D stands for and its meaning

Not only learning Japanese, we also aim for Personlaity Education through Japanese.
Further,our sincere wish that someday our students may also contribute for our better future is also involved in this name.

What is our Unique Differences from other schools

  1. By personally well-educated students,we
  2. Maximum support of school equipment for the effective and efficient education
  3. Opening frequent, regular social gatherings with managers and teachers to lessen students’concerns regarding studying abroad.
  4. Through“Community Party”, we support our students’ close social ties with international students.
  5. For students’ safe and secure life, we help students to live in our own“Student Dormitory”.

Chairman’s Message

M.D.I Tokyo Japanese Language School thinks respect, trust and security as a motto of our education philosophy,
and aims not only the improvement of Japanese language ability in daily life, but also the full-support of their adjustment in Japanese society.

Specifically, we offer students opportunities to know the lives of the people who came from different countries all around the world, learn values in those
differences, and think wider and deeper through those interactions.

In here, I think my Korean Japanese language abilities and its cultural familiarity, who have lived both countries for long years would do help a lot.

M.D.I Tokyo Japanese Language School is located in a calm, silent residential area, so I strongly believe it as the best learning environment.

Its convenient transportational envrionment which is located near all Mikawajima Station, Shin-Mikawajima Station and Machiya Station, I assure students to enjoy the best
learning environment in here.

M.D.I.Tokyo Japanese Language School
Director  Ishii Mikyo


Greetings from the principal

International students learn Japanese language and learn Japanese language and culture directly and indirectly in their daily lives, and have been uncovering their own potential in their own country. I would like to support the school as a whole in support of discovering such individuality.
The common point of foreign students is that they come to study foreign culture alone with strong intentions and purpose with ambition and have a desire to learn and acquire Japanese culture as soon as possible, etc. Is strong. I would like to focus on the development of international students with the perspective of globalization of “Japanese” while fostering excellent foreign students.
M.D.I.Tokyo Japanese Language School
head teacher Takahashi Seiichi


Greeting from Vietnam

My name is Vietnam and I’m NGUYEN THI DAO.

I have been in Japan since 2010, and more than nine years have passed. The more you know Japanese culture, the more you like Japan.

Japan has a season of spring, summer, autumn and winter. Spring is from March to May, summer is from June to August, autumn is from September to November, and winter is from December to February. If you are going to Japan as a foreign student, please prepare both a thin coat and a thick coat.
I think that when you come to Japan, I feel that I have any concerns, but this is a dormitory for Vietnamese people, so many seniors teach me kindly.
Let’s do our best to learn Japanese culture and history while studying Japanese! In addition, let’s spend life in Japan happily and abundantly through extracurricular activities.