Introducing our school

The MDI Tokyo Japanese Language School was opened in Arakawa -ku, Tokyo for the purpose of Japanese language education for international students from Asia.
Our school has experienced instructors and will fully support lifestyle in Japan and employment.
In addition, we remove the boundaries between faculty and staff and students so that students can easily consult, and provide livelihood consultation and career consultation to each student.


School tours are also available at any time. If you wish, please contact us by phone or [ Contact us ].


The motto is to respect, trust, and peace of mind, and we will exchange our hearts with local people, based on human education that can be used in Japanese society.

Differentiation from other schools

  1. In order to enhance the education of Japanese culture, we have highly educated personality.
  2. Enhance school equipment to promote effective and efficient education.
  3. Hold a social gathering with managers and teachers to remove anxiety about studying abroad.
  4. Form a "social gathering" to closely communicate between international students.
  5. Aiming to open a student dormitory to spend a safe and secure life during the study abroad period.


Representative director of Yasutoshi Ishii

Yasutoshi Ishii

The MDI Tokyo Japanese Language School is the motto of respect, trust, and security as an educational philosophy, aiming for improvement of Japanese language skills and human education that can be used in Japanese society.
We want students at our school to learn about the lives of people around the world, learn differences in values, and enhance their human power while interacting with students and faculty and staff in other countries.
We strive to educate each student, and we have a system that allows not only Japanese language but also life.

The school is in a quiet residential area, so you can learn in a calm environment.
We promise to help you with all your faculty and staff so that you can enjoy studying happily. Learn not only in Japanese but also your heart with the slogan "enrich your heart".

Principal Soutetsu Nishimoto

Soutetsu Nishimoto

In Japan, you need young people around the world in various fields in recent years. The MDI Tokyo Japanese Language School has a dream that he wants to be active in the international community and wants to help you fulfill your dreams. In addition to Japanese teaching, we will grow up as a person, and nurture it from the viewpoint of nurturing human resources with a wide field of view.
International students have learned Japanese language and culture directly and indirectly in their daily lives, and discover their potential to have never been known.

I would like to support such individuality as a school as a school.
We will work hard so that international students can study with peace of mind.