Comments of current students

  • October 2020 student

Japan is a country that many international students choose as a study abroad. The school I go to is MDI Tokyo Japanese language school. I learned about this school through the introduction center of the Internet and Vietnam. The teachers here are very kind, friendly and eagerly supporting students. When I didn't know the class, he explained not only the words but also the operation. At school, you will learn not only Japanese but also Japanese life and culture, and supports you to find a part -time job. If you are wondering which school to use, consider MDI Tokyo Japanese language school.

  • October 2020 student

I am a Vietnamese and currently live in Japan. It's been two months since I came to Japan. Before coming to Japan, I never knew about Japan, such as Japanese customs, life, and Japanese. So I encountered a lot of my first difficulties in my life. However, two months have passed since I started living and studying in Japan, and I gradually got used to Japan's life. I go to MDI Tokyo Japanese language school. Since I came to Japan, the school has helped me a lot. The teacher is very friendly and always gives the best guidance, such as learning methods and how to find a part -time job. It also teaches Japanese manners, etiquette, and culture. School facilities are also substantial. Classes are very interesting. MDI Tokyo Japanese Language School is a very good school. It is a reliable place to study and realize your dreams.

  • April 2020 student

At the MDI Tokyo Japanese Language School, I had many interesting lessons and had the opportunity to interact with friends from various countries such as Indonesia and Nepal. Here, you will not only learn Japanese, but also learn Japanese culture. I learned how to use it for the daily life of Japanese people and to walk on the left when walking (I am very surprised at this). Here, I made many new friends. We live together in a school dormitory, play together, eat together, and share the sad and fun things of life. Thanks to my friends, I have less sadness and loneliness of living in Japan alone. Thanks to my teachers and friends for hours, my Japanese has improved a lot. We will continue to value the fun days with teachers and friends at MDI Tokyo Japanese language school.

  • April 2020 student

I love Japanese, Japanese, and Japanese culture. I have been studying Japanese for a month at MDI Tokyo Japanese language school. When I first came to Japan, I was very confused, and when I first communicated in Japanese with native speakers, I was very awkward and I could only say hello. However, thanks to my daily efforts and the enthusiastic support of school teachers, I think my Japanese has improved. I became confident in communication and I was able to speak long sentences. In addition, I was able to go shopping, get on the train alone, and go for an interview. Thanks to the interesting class of the teacher. I learn the vocabulary faster and do my best to study Japanese more.

  • April 2020 student

Three months have passed since I came to Japan in a beautiful country. When I first came to Tokyo, I was really overwhelmed by the prosperous and modernization of Tokyo. I was surprised by Japanese customs and customs, and at first I had a lot of trouble with my life. But three months later, thanks to the guidance of siblings and school teachers, I have become used to living here. When it comes to schools, teachers are friendly and cheerful, and easy to teach. The school has the latest facilities, the classroom is equipped with air conditioners and projectors, and there is also a library for students to read books after school. The school has a Vietnamese staff, so it helps to apply for a part -time job and create a resume. If you are studying at this school, you can spend a lot of time.

  • October 2020 student

Mt. Fuji and sushi in Japan are world -famous and beautiful countries. And I'm very lucky to be able to study in this beautifully civilized country. The school I chose is MDI Tokyo Japanese Language School. In a good learning environment, there is an enthusiastic and humorous teacher. Outside class hours, I often talk about my daily life with my teacher, and my conversation skills and vocabulary are improved. In addition to grammar and vocabulary classes, teachers give Japanese classes through games and have a conversation session using everyday topics in Japan to provide interesting and fun classes.

Graduate comments

  • October 2019 student

My name is NGUYEN RON. I am a student in the fiscal year ending October 2019. I currently live in a school dormitory. I have studied Japanese for about a year and a half at MDI Tokyo Japanese language school. While attending school, I was supported by teachers and staff and received guidance. For me, MDI Tokyo Japanese Language School is the second hometown. In this school, teachers are parents and students are brothers. Here, you will not only learn Japanese, but also learn about Japanese culture and society. When faced with difficulties, you will always receive advice from the teachers. The school also has Vietnamese staff. Before the vacation, we had a small party at school, had a meal together, and had a lot of fun. Everyone who is thinking about studying abroad in Japan, MDI Tokyo Japanese Language School is a school where you can study with peace of mind without any problems because your teacher is always nearby.

  • October 2019 student

My name is NGUYEN THI HOA. I am a student in October 2019. MDI Tokyo Japanese Language School has the latest facilities and facilities, so students can learn with confidence. The teachers are enthusiastic, kind, compassionate, and always take care of students when they have difficult problems in their lives, not only in Japanese. I am very happy to be a student at the MDI Tokyo Japanese Language School. If you have any questions or problems, don't hesitate to consult your teacher. Even if you graduate and continue studying at a new school and have a new friend or teacher, what you learned in MDI Tokyo will be a big treasure for me in the future.

  • October 2019 student

Hello everyone. I am TRAN VAN HIEU. I came from Kuanbin in central Vietnam. I am the first student of MDI Tokyo Japanese Language School. This is my second visit to Japan. This time, I am very lucky to be able to learn at MDI Tokyo Japanese Language School as an international student. There are eager and talented teachers and staff who have taught not only Japanese but also the lesson lessons of life. In addition to studying, there are also very interesting and laughing extracurricular activities. I'm really happy to have a party together. Not only that, the teacher took us to Ueno Park. I enjoyed the scenery. These activities were very fun. I love Japan, so I want to go to a beautiful place while in Japan, eat delicious food, and learn Japanese culture. And I want to do a stable job in Japan.

  • October 2019 student

I am DAO DINH THIET. I live in Japan for about a year and three months. When I first came to Japan and started a new life, I had various emotions. At first, I didn't understand Japanese culture and manners, so I was very uneasy because I was not good at Japanese, and there were many difficult things in my daily life. I made a new friend at the MDI Tokyo Japanese language school. I had a good time with my friends and teachers. In addition to learning Japanese, the teacher taught me Japanese manners, rules, and culture very much. I think it was really nice to meet good teachers. During the extension of the visa, the school staff helped me well and gave me many advice. I graduated in March and had to leave the loving arms of teachers and friends. But I don't want to leave everyone. I am grateful to this school for good memories of youth. I will never forget fun classes, active talk time, fun and laughing parties.