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International students visiting Japan (resident card, application for non-qualification activities, national health insurance, etc.)

When you arrive at the airport and submit an immigration certificate / passport / visa for immigration, a “resident card” will be issued.

Please also submit an application for permission for non-qualified activities at immigration.
International students can apply for a part-time job as soon as they apply on the spot. If you apply at the Immigration Bureau at a later date, you will need about a month to complete the application.

During your stay in Japan, you must always carry your residence card.
When you receive your residence card, you need to report your address at the counter of the city / ward office where you live. This must be done within 14 days of entry.

Please also apply for National Health Insurance.
In Japan, international students who have been in Japan for more than 3 months are obliged to take out National Health Insurance.
If you join, you will be exempted from 70% of the medical expenses covered by insurance.

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