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M.D.I.Tokyo Japanese Language School Scholarship Program

M.D.I Scholarship System

April 2020(Apr, 2020)

During enrollment

EL SAC Asia Scholarship 100,000 yen
For the international students, the winners will be selected based on the results, attendance and learning attitude. Once a year, one person at a time.
MDIStudent 30,000 yen
Among the students who have been working for more than one year, they are selected based on their scores, attendance rate and learning attitude.
MDISemester Award 6,000円
There were no late and absentee records for three months. Students will receive a semester full attendance award (4 chances per year)
※ Subject is an international student
MDIAchievement Award 10,000 yen
The scholarship is awarded to students who are ranked first in the class in the final exam (summer and winter semester, twice a year).
MDIFull-time award Maintaining the full attendance of the semester will result in a perfect attendance award at the student assembly (4 times a year) compared to the perfect attendance award. (1,000 yen to 3,000 yen)
※The specific time will vary according to the specific situation.